One-Handed Wonder?

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How does one tie anything with one hand? Using teeth was a no-no from dentists. Oh well. And forget about hair elastics as they were impossible. I started wearing rolled bandanas as headbands. Tying shoes proved to be very hard. Thank God for elastic laces, and that I didn’t have to worry about neckties. Just had to get me some “e-laces”. The search was on.

I was still blessed with one good, -non-dominant-, hand, and trying to keep it that way. I was extra vigilant while walking. And I made sure my floor was clear of “hazards”. No more accidents, please. Again, it was amazing what is taken for granted.

I couldn’t lift, in any way, with the hand or fingers. This made for inventive new ways of doing things. I started balancing things on my cast. I carried little items in the sling. I clipped my keys to loops and rings on my purse, etc. My purse was now a cross-body bag so it wouldn’t fall off a shoulder. I carried some things between my arm and body when there was no other choice. And people do ‘magically’ offer to help sometimes when they see the sling/cast.

I was living a one-handed life, albeit temporary, and appreciating the two-handed life more every day.


Left-Handed Living for a Right Handed Person

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I fell and broke my right arm two months ago. I hit my head and bruised my left eye area too. My right knee got involved as well. I have never broken anything in my life – can’t say that anymore. I went to the E.R. in an ambulance-another first.

I have not had a job since. I had to go on “voluntary resignation” because the job involved transporting clients. I hope to find something better suited for me when this is all done.

I loved the purple cast I got. I had thought I would get a multi-colored one (who knew there were so many choices). I had to ice my arm regularly and keep it elevated as much and as often as possible.

I saw blessings times 100. The way I fell, my sunglasses got all scratched up on one side so I could have severely injured, or lost, an eye. And that’s just one of the blessings.

I had to figure out new ways to do Everything! What follows is a recap of the blessings and the lessons. Stay tuned!